Claire + Adam

CarolineBenPhotography (101 of 148) copy

Claire is one of the most organized brides I have ever worked with.  I feel like she is also a lover of highlighters, labels and sticky notes.  Claire is a classic beauty and had a classic style for her wedding with a few crazy twists.  TO INCLUDE a ping pong table with a “Mrs” and “Mr” paddles in gold sparkles.  We also can’t forget the awesome cut outs of the Olsen twins (don’t be mad at me Claire, I can’t remember if your love was for Mary Kate or Ashley?!?!)  Either way, they were there!  Claire also had loads of props for the dance floor (of which she had a love hate relationship with in the planning process).  It was an awesome party for an awesome couple.  Congrats to my pals Claire and Adam!




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Thanks to all of our vendor’s who helped make Claire + Adam’s day so special!

Venue – Allan House

Catering & Rentals – Royal Fig

Flowers - Posey

Cake – Simon Lee

Photographer – Caroline + Ben

DJ – Greenbelt DJ

Ceremony Music – Musical Discovery

Lighting – Intelligent Lighting Design

Tent – Premier Events

Ping Pong Table – Amanzi Party Rentals

Transportation – Capitol Pedi Cab

Hair – Simply Mandy

Makeup – Nisa Nicole

Meet The Team: Ashley

 Meet Ashley, one of our fabulous interns!



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am from Katy, TX and I’m a senior at Texas State University. I’m majoring in Electronic Media with a minor in English. I am currently the president of the Theta Psi chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha!

What three words describe you best?

 I would say outgoing, ambitious and creative.

What are some of your hobbies?

In my free time, I love to read and listen to music. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and my sorority sisters and of course, being on the river!

What made you interested in weddings?

The planning aspect of weddings is really fun and interesting to me. Making all the many components come together to make the bride and groom’s day special is so great.

What are your aspirations for the future?

 I would really love to work in event planning. Whether it be weddings or parties or banquets, I love to design and organize! I also love video production (my major) and love the ways that videos and photography are such a big part of weddings now. It would be amazing to combine the two. Oh, and travel. A lot!

What is your favorite part of working weddings?

It sounds super cheesy, but I love watching the bride and groom interact. The decorations and lighting and everything that goes into the wedding are all beautiful and fun, but it is also so great to see the relationship between the couple and the reason why we are planning in the first place!

Fun Facts

Favorite Quote: “Dance as though no one was watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.” -Audrey Hepburn
After a long day, hand me a glass of… Carbernet Sauvignon. Wow, I feel like such an old woman saying that, but it is definitely my favorite!
Favorite ice cream flavor… If you haven’t had Mexican Vanilla at Amy’s Ice Cream, you are missing out.
Number one thing on my bucket list… Visit every continent in the world! 
Favorite wedding trend… Right now, I am a little obsessed with brunches. Whether they are the day after the wedding or for the actual wedding, there are SO many choices and cute things to do for them! I could be looking at brunches on Pinterest for hours.

Shannon + Jay


Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission58_low


Shannon and Jay’s wedding took place at The Vineyards at Chappel Lodge this past March. We were blessed with gorgeous Spring weather for early March. Shannon has a super bubbly but laid back personality, therefore I think her choice of sunflowers was a perfect match! Shannon and Jay had a wonderful team of vendors to carry out their big day. Check out the hard work by Marquee, Crave, ILD Lighting, Westbank and many more in these fabulous photos by Caroline+Ben Photography.







Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission27_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission26_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission25_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission22_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission20_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission19_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission9_lowCopy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission32_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission31_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission30_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission28_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission44_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission41_lowCopy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission56_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission51_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission47_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission48_lowCopy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission40_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission39_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission14_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission13_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission11_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission10_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission5_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission4_low Copy of Davis_Russell_Caroline__Ben_Photography_submission1_low

Thanks to all of our vendor’s who helped make Shannon + Jay’s day so special!

Venue – Chappel Lodge

Rentals & Tent – Marquee Rentals

Caterer & Desserts – Crave Catering

Flowers – Westbank Flowers

Photo Booth – Central Texas Photobooth

Photographer – Caroline + Ben

Videographer – Spinning Leaf

DJ – Vox DJ

Lighting - ILD Lighting

Transportation – R&R Limo, Uptown Valet

Makeup – Adore




Vendor Shout Out: Wolf Stuntworks

This week’s Vendor Shout Out goes to… Wolf Stuntworks! Wolf Stuntworks is an entertainment company that provides breathtaking fireworks and pyrotechnic displays that can add that “little something extra” to any event. Stuntworks repertoire ranges from movies and television shows to live performances. Their ultimate mission is to create capstone moments at events that leave their guests in awe and filled with the utmost excitement.

We talked to Steve Wolf, President, and Carolina Moody, Production Coordinator, about why Stuntworks is one of the most exquisite entertainment companies to have at weddings!



How long have you been working in the industry, and how did Wolf Stuntworks get started?  

Wolf Stuntworks has been providing stunts and special effects for feature films (including Tom Cruise movies) for over 20 years.  We are the only company that puts all of the amazing services of a Hollywood special effects company at the fingertips of an event planner.  We allow event planners to bring serious magic to their events, and to go home heroes.

What is your favorite part of working in the industry?  

The excitement on our clients’ faces and their heartfelt gratitude when we put on a terrific show!

What is the most important thing for couples to know when it comes to hiring Wolf Stuntworks for their wedding?  

We want to make this absolutely perfect for you, so don’t be shy, share your vision, and we’ll make it happen for you!  

Have you noticed any trends that couples are asking for when it comes to adding Wolf Stuntworks services?  

We’ve noticed that brides are typically very surprised to find out how affordable fireworks and other pyrotechnics for their wedding can be!


SPFX Vehicle Departure Gerbs


SPFX Limo Gerbs


Gerb Shadows




Fireworks Downtown


Fireworks Collage 2


Fireworks Collage 1


Fire Lake Pavilion Wedding with Fireworks


Bullock Gerbs


Bob Bullock 7-24






Thank you Wolf Stuntworks for being such an awesome vendor!!



Pearl Events Austin

Lauren + Bryan


Have you been to Hotel Ella lately?!?  It is gorgeous! Hotel Ella was the perfect backdrop for Lauren and Bryan’s winter wedding. They had a small and intimate ceremony on the veranda.  We worked with Premier Select to add custom draping to soften the space and then added a rustic arch with cascading florals from Petal Pushers.  Lauren’s mom, Olivette, made the runner and wrote down all of their families wedding dates on it!  The party inside was a hit with Matchmaker as the band.  PLUS, I had the chance to work with a dear friend and the ever so talented – Jake and Kasey Holt on the wedding.  It was a party to remember!

Congrats Lauren and Bryan!





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Thank you to all of our amazing vendors who helped make Lauren + Bryan’s day so special!


Venue – Hotel Ella

Officiant – Allen Hill

Catering – Hotel Ella

Rentals – Premiere Select

Flowers – Petal Pushers

Cake – Blue Note Bakery

Photographer – Jake Holt Photography

Band – Matchmaker Band

Ceremony Music – Musical Discovery

Stationery – The Inviting Pear

Hair – Keith Kristofer Salon & Spa

Makeup – Rae Cosmetics

Meet the Team: Brittany

Meet Brittany, one of our fabulous interns!




Tell us a little bit about yourself:

My name is Brittany Smith, and I am originally from Dallas, Texas. I am currently a Junior at the University of Texas at Austin and am studying Corporate Communication with a Business Foundations Certificate.

What three words describe you best?

Three words I would use to best describe myself are driven, fun, and sassy. 

What are some of your hobbies?

During my free time, I enjoy being on the lake or in the pool, working out, spending time with my sorority sisters, and of course being a Longhorn fan!

What made you interested in weddings?

I became interested in weddings because I love being able to help make one of the most important days in a woman’s life so special! 

What are your aspirations for the future?

In the future,
I would love to be able to have a successful career, a great family, and be able to travel A LOT! 

What is your favorite part of working weddings?

My favorite part of working weddings would have to be seeing the final product of everyone’s hard work put together, and seeing the bride, groom, and their guests enjoying the night! 

Fun Facts

I have way too many… beauty products!

When I splurge, it’s… on a good pair of jeans!

I can’t get enough of… The Real Housewives!

Lauren + Steve


Lauren and Steve were such a fun couple to work with, I knew when we met it would be a great fit! They were married at Lake Travis United Methodist Church with the reception at Lakeway Resort and Spa.  Lauren and I worked together to create an elegant evening with unique elements to celebrate the couple! We had a delicious popcorn bar for the end of the night and a beautiful light wall by D&H Lighting for guests to use as a backdrop for Instagram photos (with a custom hashtag of course!) We couldn’t have done it without the great vendors! Congratulations Lauren and Steve!




140329lhw_0034 140329lhw_0131 140329lhw_0270140329lhw_0201

140329lhw_0523 140329lhw_0497140329lhw_0668140329lhw_0641140329lhw_0637140329lhw_0779 140329lhw_0749 140329lhw_0985140329lhw_1460140329lhw_1438140329lhw_1565

Thank you to all our vendor’s who helped make Lauren and Steve’s day so special!

Ceremony – Lake Travis United Methodist Church

Reception & Caterer - Lakeway Resort and Spa

Rentals – Premier Party Central

Flowers - Gypsy Floral

Cake – Michelle’s Patisserie 

Photographer – Lisa Hause Photography

Videographer - Shattered Glass Productions

DJ – A List DJ & Pro Audio

Lighting – D&H Lighting

Transportation – R&R Limo and Bus




Vendor Shout Out: Hot Sauce ATX

This week’s Vendor Shout Out goes to… Hot Sauce ATX! This 10-piece band is setting a new trend that blends DJ’ing with band medleys and is taking Austin by storm. Their repertoire spans across all genres and their enthusiastic performances fill every show with excitement. 

We talked to Brent Williams, band leader and drummer about why Hot Sauce ATX is one of the hottest bands to have at weddings right now.


 How did Hot Sauce ATX get its start?

Hot Sauce ATX started/formed in 2007 as a Four-Piece ensemble, and have since over the years evolved into a Five-Piece corporate party/show band with the option to add on our “Habanero Horns” section, percussionist and Two-Girl background VOX duo to make-up our powerhouse 10-Piece Big Band.

What style of music does the band perform?

We are truly a variety band performing a wide array of music across all genres from country to hip hop.

What is your favorite part of working with weddings?

Working with the Bride & Groom on their music selection… performing their favorite songs means so much to them; A humbling and awesome experience to have the talent to share in their occasion on the night that begins their life together.

What is the most important thing for a couple to know when looking for wedding entertainment?

I truly can’t say there’s one “Most Important” thing but what I have observed over the years is for a couple to consider “the right fit of entertainment”.  Whether Band or DJ, they’re most happy when they’ve settle on the right fit.

How far in advance should a couple book Hot Sauce ATX for their big day?

Best practice has been 6 months to a year out, however, timing is unique to each person’s work-life balance, so there’s no cookie-cutter rule here… Most important is to set their date and secure the band.

Have you noticed any trends that couples are asking for when it comes to their music selection?

Absolutely… Motown is always at the helm.  We’re getting requests for more pop, 80’s, R&B and hip-hop… And of recently, more country.

Watch some Hot Sauce ATX videos here!

 Hot Sauce ATX Logo
B.Willz - Drums & VOX
NeeNee - Lead VOX

Thank you Hot Sauce ATX for being such a great vendor!!



Pearl Events Austin

Rachel + Zack Wedding Video

Take a look at this INCREDIBLE wedding we did with Waterloo Films! Rachel + Zack were married at Ma Maison on May 24, 2014.


To view Rachel + Zack’s highlight video, click here.


Thank you Waterloo Films!!


Congratulations once again to Rachel + Zack!



Thank you to all of our vendors who helped make their day so beautiful!


Venue: Ma Maison

Rabbi: Steven Folberg from Beth Israel

Rentals: Whim Rentals

Caterer: Royal Fig

Flowers: Bouquets of Austin

Cake: Sweet Treats

Photographer: Andrea Polito Photography

Videographer: Waterloo Films

Band: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Ceremony Music: Terra Vista Strings

Stationery: The Inviting Pear

Transportation: Clark Travel and R&R Limo and Bus

Hair + Makeup: Adore Salon

Lighting: Ilios

Limousine: Big as Texas Limos






Callie + Tyler

Callie  Tyler-681

Callie and Tyler got married at one of my favorite places, Camp Lucy. The Spring weather couldn’t have been more beautiful for these two, and I’m so glad they had the wonderful Shauna Autry to capture it all. It’s obvious that Callie and Tyler are super adorable, and – fun fact – Callie and I both hail from the same alma mater, LSU! I really enjoyed working with them and their sweet families, and I’m excited to share their wedding day with you. Sit back and enjoy this prettiness! 

Congratulations and GEAUX TIGERS!!!




Callie  Tyler-104 Callie  Tyler-90 Callie  Tyler-80Callie  Tyler-7Callie  Tyler-6Callie  Tyler-642Callie  Tyler-300Callie  Tyler-208Callie  Tyler-215 Callie  Tyler-210Callie  Tyler-231 Callie  Tyler-222Callie  Tyler-347Callie  Tyler-164Callie  Tyler-177Callie  Tyler-690Callie  Tyler-298Callie  Tyler-388Callie  Tyler-432Callie  Tyler-507Callie  Tyler-512Callie  Tyler-519Callie  Tyler-530Callie  Tyler-14 Callie  Tyler-40Callie  Tyler-326 Callie  Tyler-322Callie  Tyler-303Callie  Tyler-706 Callie  Tyler-700Callie  Tyler-243Callie  Tyler-70Callie  Tyler-744Callie  Tyler-752Callie  Tyler-756Callie  Tyler-767Callie  Tyler-809Callie  Tyler-1028Callie  Tyler-1042



Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors who helped make Callie + Tyler’s day so beautiful!


Venue – Camp Lucy

Rehearsal Dinner – Trattoria Lisina

Rentals – Whim Event Rentals

Caterer – Whim Catering

Floral – Whim Florals

Cake – Classic Cakes by Lori

DJ – Greenbelt DJ

Ceremony & Cocktail Music – Terra Vista Strings

Send Off Car – Austin Classic Limo

Transportation – R & R Limo and Bus

Hair & Makeup – Lather Salon