Fiesta-Themed Gender Reveal

When our friend, Arrington, the owner of Uptown Valet and Transportation, came to us to ask us for help planning his gender reveal party we were ecstatic! It is always an honor to be asked to plan an event for one of our own in the “industry”.  It is an even BIGGER honor when it is their gender reveal party for their TWINS!  Yes, this was a hard secret to keep when we ordered custom flutter fetti in all PINK for the big reveal.  Arrington and his wife, Christy, had picked a theme (Mexican fiesta) and location – the brand new Brodie Homestead and then they let us run with the design and decor.  We brought on a solid team of vendors that brought their vision to life.  David Kurio made the flower wall of our dreams, it was the perfect backdrop for our sweets table from Polkadots Cupcake Factory.  We aren’t into any cheesy baby games so instead we worked with The Inviting Pear to make a seven feet wide calendar for guests to guess the babies’ birth dates by taking a polaroid and tacking it on the calendar.  The rentals were brought to you by Marquee and fun festive pieces from Birch and Brass (love em’)!  The lighting from ILD really helped seal the deal and bring the whole vision together.  Christy and Arrington had lots of personal touches in the food choices from Word of Mouth, which were all items Christy has been craving through the pregnancy.  We had DJ Gatsby playing some tunes, and really, it isn’t a fiesta without mariachis! Also, we had the wonderful Jenny DeMarco photograph the whole event. A HUGE shoutout and thank you for your fantastic work in capturing this great afternoon!!

We can’t wait to meet your two little girls and plan their wedding one day :)


Megan and Becky


Grawunder-Gender-Reveal-1014 Grawunder-Gender-Reveal-1016
Grawunder-Gender-Reveal-1020 3.30.05 PM
Grawunder-Gender-Reveal-1030 3.30.05 PM
Grawunder-Gender-Reveal-1036 3.30.05 PM



Thank you again to these wonderful vendors for making this gender reveal perfect for Chirsty and Arrington!

Venue: Brodie Homestead

Flowers: David Kurio

DJ: DJ Gatsby

Rentals: Birch and Brass

Photography: Jenny DeMarco

Cake: Polkadots Cupcake Factory

Calendar: The Inviting Pear

Caterer:  Word of Mouth

Lighting: ILD

Rentals: Marquee

Meet the Team: Jackie

Meet one of our lovely planners, Jackie!


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

 I attended LSU with a major in accounting. I was a ZTA at LSU and I loved attending all of ZTA’s events. Those events inspired my passion for parties.

What three words describe you best?

Punctual, optimistic, and courteous

What are some of your hobbies?

 I love going to the movies, taking my kiddos to the park, game night, and spending time with friends and family.

What made you interested in weddings?

I loved the detail of weddings and see everything come together. I enjoy making lists and eventually seeing a project come to fruition.

What are your aspirations for the future?

 As of now, my goal is to remain in the event industry doing what I enjoy and what I excel at.

What is your favorite part of working weddings?

My favorite part of working weddings is being there when the ceremony has wrapped up and seeing the bride finally relax and begin to enjoy her big day. No more pressure!

Fun Facts

After I hit the alarm I….check the weather for the day.

When I splurge, it’son things for my kiddos.

After a long day, hand me a glass ofWINE!

I’d hide in a suitcase to…anywhere with a beach.

During deadlines, I snack onroasted unsalted cashews

Favorite ice cream flavorcookies and cream, nothing even compares.

I can’t get this song out of my head“Let It Go” because my daughter wants to watch Frozen every single night.

Vendor Shout Out: Diana M Lott Photography

This weeks Vendor Shout Out goes to… Diana M Lott Photography!!! Diana started her journey of photographing weddings 13 years ago. What started out as a hobby shooting pictures for bands quickly turned into a successful, and rewarding career. Diana has a ‘creative journalism’ style that allows her to capture the quiet and real moments throughout the wedding day. She loves knowing that she captures special moments for her clients that they can relive over the years when looking through their photos.




  We spoke with Diana, Owner of Diana M Lott Photography, about why her service is so special!!



How long have you been working in the industry and how did Diana M Lott Photography get its start?

I’ve been in business for 13 years – and I started out shooting bands, I was working at a live music venue and had become friends with some of the musicians. I started shooting their shows and doing some promo shots for them for fun, as photography was a hobby of mine.  Then someone asked if I would be interested in shooting a wedding, and the rest is history!  If that first wedding hadn’t gone well, you wouldn’t be reading this!

What is your favorite part of working weddings?

Capturing the emotion of the day, the often quiet and real moments between family and friends that might go unnoticed otherwise.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Hmm… let’s call it ‘creative photojournalism’ … I like to be a fly on the wall so people don’t know I’m there – that’s how you get the good stuff!

What is the most important thing for a couple to know when it comes to selecting a wedding photographer?  

Hire a good one! (and one you like being around…because you will be spending all day with them!)  I know hiring an experienced wedding photographer might seem like a lot of money that could be better used elsewhere.  However, I have heard way too many sad stories from couples that went this route and were heartbroken at the results.  Great photography is worth the money.  It’s the only thing you have left from the day (it’s sounds cliche, but it’s true!). Also, realize that a good photographer is not just there on the day of the wedding to shoot – they are spending many hours on your images afterwards making sure the final result is a beautiful documentation of the day.  I’ve spent countless 12-14 hour days at the computer making sure things are perfect.  Given, I’m a little OCD when it comes to editing – but you want that in your photographer, right? 

How far in advance should a couple book Diana M Lott Photography for their big day?

6 months to a year is typical, for the busy spring season 9-12 months is more common.  But I get a lot of last minute inquiries as well which I love…if I’m open, I’m in! 

Have you noticed any trends that couples are asking for when it comes to their wedding photography?

Not really…most of my clients are pretty laid back and trust me to give them something that will represent them and their day.  I often hear ‘we liked your work because everyone just looks like they are having so much fun!’  – it’s a great compliment, I’ll take it!





Thank you Diana! We look forward to working with you in the future!!


Pearl Events

Tricia + Samuel


Tricia and Sam were married at Longhorn River Ranch last March.  We planned a beautiful wedding, and despite the inclement weather, the wedding was perfect! We are so thankful that Stacy and  SMS Photography were the ones to capture the day!  Tricia and Sam are two of the sweetest people I have ever worked with, and they stayed positive despite the changing plans.  We had an amazing dessert bar and delicious comfort food provided by Whole Foods Catering.  The dance floor was packed the whole night! Congratulations Tricia and Sam!!





Lyleswedding002 Lyleswedding004 Lyleswedding019 Lyleswedding027 Lyleswedding029 Lyleswedding035 Lyleswedding127 Lyleswedding131 Lyleswedding147 Lyleswedding149 Lyleswedding165 Lyleswedding167 Lyleswedding170 Lyleswedding178 Lyleswedding180 Lyleswedding314 Lyleswedding322 Lyleswedding335 Lyleswedding345 Lyleswedding375 Lyleswedding413 Lyleswedding419 Lyleswedding461 Lyleswedding648 Lyleswedding691 Lyleswedding694 Lyleswedding811 Lyleswedding839 Lyleswedding849


Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors who helped make Tricia + Samuel’s wedding a dream come true!

Venue: Longhorn River Ranch

Rentals: Premiere Party Central

Caterer: Whole Foods Catering

Flowers: Pollen

Cake: Whole Foods Market

Photographer: SMS Photography

Lighting: Intelligent Lighting Design

Tent: Capitol Tents, Inc

Transportation: Deer Run Chauffer Service

Makeup: Erica Gray Beauty

Meet the Team: Sarah

Meet one of our lovely interns, Sarah!



Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a senior advertising major at the University of Texas with a passion for finding the best queso in Austin!

What three words describe you best?
Outgoing, positive, and a little bit of an organization freak.
What are some of your hobbies?
When I am not exploring Austin with my friends, I love to curl up and read, but only if I have a great cup of coffee and a candle burning beside me.
What made you interested in weddings?
I have wanted to work in the wedding industry for as long as I can remember, as I have always been drawn to the beauty of weddings and brining someone’s big day to life.
What are your aspirations for the future?
 In the future, nothing would made me happier than to be a wedding planner and take part in making brides’ visions come true, because we all know that most women have been counting down to this day for years.
What is your favorite part of working weddings?
My favorite part of working weddings is seeing all of the décor come together and how much the guests appreciate all of the small details. We work so hard and it is amazing to see everything brought together seamlessly. Watching the bride and groom’s dream day come true is truly satisfying.
Fun Facts

After I hit the alarm I….check the weather, hoping that it is cold outside.

Favorite ice cream flavormint chocolate chip, no hesitation.

After a long day, hand me a glass ofLola (Pinot Noir)

I have way too many…candles, nail polish, and leggings.

During deadlines, I snack onSpecial K Chocolaty Delight

Vendor Shout Out: Eclectic Images


This weeks Vendor Shout Out goes to….Eclectic Images!!! Eclectic Images has been capturing sweet and fun moments that clients will treasure since 2000. Eclectic Images thrives off of the images that are modern, fresh, and organic due to the importance of capturing the moments that are unnoticed. With over 350 weddings shot, their style and all around great work leads Eclectic Images to happy clients!



  Photo Provided by Heather Banks, Owner Of Eclectic Images


We Spoke to Heather Banks, Owner of Eclectic Images, about what makes her photographs so special!


How long have you been working in the industry and how did Eclectic Images get started?

I have been photographing weddings since 2000, for 14 years! I took a bunch of photo courses while in college (they didn’t offer it as a major) and after college my hobby was taking black and white fine art photos in  my spare time, and developing them in a darkroom I would set up in my bathroom. Friends and family who were getting married at the time started asking me to bring my camera to the wedding and snap some photos for them and I gladly did. After I gave them the photos, they were coming back to me very happy and telling me that the moments I captured were better than the photos they received from the hired photographer. This prompted me to throw up a little website, and I got my first official paid wedding shoot!

What is your favorite part of working with weddings?

My favorite thing is when I capture a sweet or fun or touching moment that I know the client will treasure later – I love to imagine their children looking at the photos and being tickled with them, as my daughter is when she looks at my own wedding album.

 How would you describe the style of photography?

My style of photography is decidedly modern, fresh, graphic, and photojournalistic. I thrive on anticipating and capturing the moments that often go unnoticed, and also photographing all of the details that have been so meticulously planned and designed.

How does Eclectic Images stand out against other Austin photographers?

My level of experience (I’ve photographed more than 350 weddings!), the time I spend editing and the style and final look of the photos I create (modern, colorful and graphic), and the photojournalism and graphic design experience that I use with my photography.

What is the most important thing for couples to know when selecting their wedding photographer?

Ask to see an entire wedding from start to finish so you can get a feel for the consistency and style of their work (not just the best of the best images). Also,  you want to make sure you “click” with the photographer since they will be around your entire wedding day!

Have you noticed any trends that couples are asking for when it comes to photography?

I think the very stylized portraits are on the way out, and leading back into a more natural and candid style.


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Provided by Eclectic Images


Photo Credit: Eclectic Images


Photo Credit: Eclectic Images

Thank you Eclectic Images, we look forward to working with you more in the future!!



Pearl Events

Meet the Team: Victoria

Meet one of our lovely interns, Victoria!







Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m from Harlingen, TX and I attend St. Edward’s University. I am majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Psychology. I absolutely love Austin!

What three words describe you best?
Outgoing, Hard-working, and Ambitious
What are some of your hobbies?
Going to the beach, shopping, and reading
What made you interested in weddings?
I’m interested in weddings because I truly enjoy helping couples make their perfect dream day a reality.
What are your aspirations for the future?
My two main aspirations in life are to be happy and successful.
What is your favorite part of working weddings?
My favorite part of working weddings is seeing the groom’s face when he first sees his future wife.
Fun Facts

When I splurge, it’s….clothes, shoes, purses, anything!

Favorite Quote…”A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous” -Coco Chanel

Number one thing on my bucket listgo to Paris, France

I have way too manyshoes!

I can’t get enough ofScandal

During deadlines, I snack ongoldfish

Lynn + Dan




Lynn and Dan were married at a family home tucked away in the hills of Austin. We had a wonderful vendor team, including West Bank Florals, Crave Catering, and their officiant, Spike. Lynn, her sweet daughters, and I worked together to design the space with amazing rentals from Marquee. We created a flow throughout the home for the wedding that felt natural and worked for the guests since the location is not a typical wedding venue. Lynn wore an amazing pink Kate Spade dress and we had special cakes brought in from Dan’s favorite bakery, Ann’s Kitchen. Overall, it was a beautiful event full of so much love! I feel honored to have met and worked with Lynn and Dan to plan their wedding. Congratulations!!









Thank you to all of our wonderful vendors who helped make Lynn + Dan’s wedding a dream come true!

Officient: Spike Gillespie 

Rentals: Marquee Event Group 

Caterer: Crave 

Flowers: Westbank Flower Market 

Cake: Ann’s Kitchen 

Photographer: Matthew Danser Photography 

Ceremony Music: Musical Discovery 

Salon: Pearl Hair & Makeup Studio 

Makeup: Adore Makeup Boutique and Salon 




Vendor Shout Out: Dessert Divas


Photo Provided by Dessert Divas

This week’s Vender Shout Out goes to… Dessert Divas!! Dessert Divas has been providing sweet treats since 2012, when owner Connie Mottle decided to turn her hobby into a career. Dessert Divas enjoys working with each individual client to create a unique dessert buffet. With their love of sweets, this allows clients have the opportunity to create their dreams into reality!



We spoke with Connie Mottle, the Owner of Dessert Divas, about what makes their services delicious and stylish. See the full interview below!



How did Dessert Divas get started?

I was creating candy buffets for friends and family before they were popular! I saw the need and thought it was a great opportunity to bring my love of sweets, styling and crafting to the wedding world. Trends were slowly moving from traditional wedding cakes to the non-traditional candy and dessert buffets. At that time there was no one specializing in custom styled dessert buffets so I decided to turn my hobby into a business!

How long have you been working in the industry?

I have officially been working in the industry since 2012.

What is your favorite part of working with weddings?

I LOVE that each client, each wedding is unique! I’m honored that I can use my creativity to bring something unique and sweet to one of the most important days of someone’s life

How big is your team?

Dessert Divas is solely owned and operated! I am however, blessed to collaborate with some amazing bakers to bring the freshest and sweetest desserts and cakes to my clients.

How does Dessert Divas stand out against other dessert buffet companies?

Dessert Divas “Specializes” in custom-styled dessert buffets. Our buffets are all inclusive. We create gorgeous dessert buffets filled with custom-styled sweets uniquely created for each client. With experience in styling and decorating we bring a fresh and unique design to each buffet with our extensive inventory of serving vessels, décor, props, etc. We customize each buffet to our clients’ vision and bring a personal touch to each one. We are constantly one the hunt for unique items to add to our inventory. We go the extra mile repurposing items, refinishing furniture and so much more! Dessert Divas not only creates styled dessert buffets but popcorn bars, s’mores bar, cheesecake & pie bars. We created hot beverage bars and brunch displays. We also create styled buffets for bridal and baby showers, corporate events, birthday celebrations, graduation and more!

How would you describe the style of desserts that you make?

I collaborate with the best bakers around to plan, design and execute the perfect dessert bar. Just like every bride and groom, each dessert bar is unique. The style of dessert depends on what the theme of the table is and what the bride and groom are wanting. Most important thing to know when it comes to Dessert Divas Desserts: They are created by the best of the best bakers around and made custom to go with the dessert bar designed for the Bride and Groom.

Have you noticed any trends that couples are asking for when it comes to desserts for their wedding?

 Most importantly, couples are looking for a unique experience for their guests. We scour the internet, magazine stands looking for the newest, freshest ideas. Always trying to stay one step ahead with what is trending and bringing to our clients.

DD3Photo Provided by Dessert Divas

DD4Photo Provided by Dessert Divas


Photo Credit: Steve Moakley Photography

DD6Photo Provided by Dessert Divas

Dessert DivaPhoto Provided by Dessert Divas

Kelly Cameron PhotographyPhoto Provided by Dessert Divas

Thank you Dessert Divas, and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Rachel + Ben

The Goldsteins!!!!!!!!  I love this family!!!!  It was always a fun day of planning when I had meetings with the Goldsteins.  They were referred to us by the Hyman family (see two of their three daughters’ weddings here: Marissa +Todd,  Lindsay + Jordan )  I was able to be on board from the beginning with planning Rachel and Ben’s spring wedding.  They came in town to tour venues, we met and we hit it off and they picked the fabulous Driskill Hotel as the backdrop for their big day.  We got creative with the space at the Driskill.  They invited all of their guests to watch the ketubah signing in the Citadel Room.  We then had the ceremony in the round, inside the Driskill Ballroom.  Check out the photos of the ceremony, it is one of my favorite ceremony set-ups to date and Townsley, Westbank, FILO and Driskill did an awesome job bringing our vision to life!  Rachel and Candy (MOB) imagined the reception space being a big surprise to all of their guests; so as guests exited the ballroom we had floor to ceiling gold draping to hide the reception.  When the big reveal happened, and we pulled back the draping, it was a stunning view for everyone!  Congrats to Rachel and Ben!









Venue: The Driskill

Officiant: David

Chair Rentals: PPC

Linens: Marquee Event Group

Caterer: The Driskill

Flowers: Westbank Flower Market

Cake: The Driskill

Photography: Jenny DeMarco

Decor: Townsley Designs

Lighting: FILO

Band: Matchmaker Band

Hair: Jennifer Cuttright

Makeup: Adore Makeup Boutique & Salon

Sweets: The Cupcake Bar